Corporate finance

  • Corporate Finance: banking services for companies
  • Luxembourg banks offer international companies expertise in several jurisdictions in the corporate finance sector
  • In this way, national and international companies will be given the necessary financing to realise their projects and implement their global activities from Luxembourg

Small and large companies need capital to operate. Every investment decision is a decision where money must be used wisely to make the project profitable in the long term.

Today more than ever, companies are operating in a globalised and rapidly changing world. To adapt, companies need to gain access to appropriate financial resources for their global investments and operations.

A multinational textile factory would, for instance, need to buy a new machine for a newly established factory. In such case, a decision has to be made on how much money is needed, where the finances should come from and how it should be used and invested to fulfil this purpose.

Above all, the Grand Duchy is known worldwide for its fund industry and  wealth management. However, Luxembourg has also built up its own expertise in corporate finance. Many well-known banks are active in this field in Luxembourg and offer cross-border corporate finance and treasury services required for this purpose. National and international companies receive, from Luxembourg, the necessary financial support to carry out their global operations and realise their projects.

Guardian Industries, Ferrero, Amazon, ArcelorMittal, SES, Goodyear, DuPont de Nemours, RTL, Skype and Delphi are just a few examples of multinational groups that chose Luxembourg as their European or global headquarters. These multinationals have chosen Luxembourg due to the fact that its banks offer expertise in various jurisdictions in corporate finance on the spot.